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kairi ♔ pure of heart

the kairi community

kairi community ♔ pure of heart
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Welcome to kairifans or 'Pure of Heart', the first livejournal community dedicated to Kairi from the popular series, Kingdom Hearts. The name comes from the fact that Kairi is a PoH (Princess of Heart) and thus her heart is pure. If you are a fan of this girl in any way, come and join ~

Rules & Guidelines

1. There is to be NO Kairi bashing, don't like her? Don't look. No bashing of any other characters OR pairings either.
2. This is a Kairi community, try to stay ontopic. As long as it relates to Kairi in some way or another, it should be fine.
3. Use lj-cuts. For things like large images, icons (a preview of 3 is fine), fanfiction, colorbars etc.
4. Please be mindful of spoilers, use warnings and markers. Thank you.


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Want to affiliate? Ask away here.

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